Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cancer Can Be Cured In Weeks

Dr. Leonard Coldwell tells it like it is.
Watch this video and let me know what your thoughts are.

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To Your Wellbeing

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Over The Counter Natural Cures

Over The Counter Natural Cures reveals brilliant nuggets of gold that have been kept secret, about getting healthy and staying healthy without breaking the bank. If you ask a wealthy man who has lost his health, what would he give to regain it, he would tell you... "Everything!"

Shane Ellison's natural, drug-free approach to achieving health makes lots of sense, while saving you lots of cents!

He gives you simple yet scientifically accurate answers that, when applied, work to give you to a better quality of life. For those that I know who have read Over The Counter Natural Cures and followed the advice have had amazing results with improving health and vitality.

This book came into my life right when my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. To us it was a godsend. My ageing parents have benefitted from this information too. Since then, (about 18 months ago) I have used most of the supplements recommended by Shane and even though I thought I was feeling quite healthy prior, I would have to say I now feel pretty darn great.
 I absolutely loved the fact that he describes
  • how certain diseases may come about
  • how Big Pharma and the medical establishment keep you sick and coming back
  • what simple and inexpensive over the counter products can assist you
  • real case studies
  • the scientific evidence to back his claims
Shane Ellison is a rogue chemist turned health advocate and is known by his fans as Shane "The People's Chemist" Ellison. He holds a bachelor's degree in biology and a master's degree in organic chemistry.

You can buy his book Over The Counter Natural Cures for as little as $10

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Top 5 Benefits Of Filtered Water

I don't know about you, but I like to drink clean, safe water so I have been using a water filter for many years. So lets take a look at why filters might benefit your water supply.

Top 5 Benefits Of Filtered Water

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Q-Gel Coenzyme Q10

Q-Gel Coenzyme Q10 – The Only Form of Coenzyme Q10 That Is Effective For The Body

Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant known for its cardiovascular benefits that is often controversial on its effectiveness due to its low bioavailability when taken orally. The Q-Gel Coenzyme Q10 solves this problem of bioavailability by putting the supplement on water soluble gel capsules, thereby increasing its potency compared to other Coenzyme Q10 products. In addition, the Q-Gel Coenzyme Q10 is now already in a 100 mg dose which greatly increases its effectiveness, and therefore fulfilling the amount of Coenzyme Q10 that your body requires daily.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Should You Vaccinate Your Child...

I had done my research on this subject over 13 years ago when I had my third child, and decided then to not vaccinate my children. It was in fact my midwife that brought my attention to this topic and to question everything.

I still have parents ask me whether they should vaccinate their children and why did I choose not to.

Well this article sums it up better than I.
It has been written by a pharmaceutical chemist, Shane Ellison, who has chosen to expose the truth of many such subjects. I have followed his work for the past year and used some of his health advice with positive results, so after reading this article, I advise you check out some of his other stuff too.

Make informed decisions... Your child's wellbeing depends on it!

"Vaccines will never be the panacea they are marketed as."

To Your Health!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Spring Clean The Body!

Spring is definitely a good time to cleanse the body after all the heavy winter foods that make the body sluggish and slow.
I have been trying to shift a few unwanted kilos, but no matter what I did it just wouldn't budge.
I did the 1/2 hour a day walking, I ate less, took my supplements, I even meditated and visualised, but no go until I started up my lemon detox again.
I started yesterday because ever since the dust storms went through here I have been having allergic type itching on my arms and my intuition was to cleanse my liver and bowels.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sugar - A Poison Creating Obesity

I came across this lecture and was blown away by the info.
I knew manufactured sugar was bad, but I didn't realise it is actually a biochemical poison to our bodies.
See why sugary foods are making us all unhealthy and obese.

Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Endocrinology explores the damage caused by sugary foods. Series: UCSF Mini Medical School for the Public [7/2009]

Educate yourself people... If you care about the only home you really have, "your body", then learn how to take care of it.

Hope this has helped somebody today!

Cheers from me